Catch the items as fast as you can, but don't hit the bombs! How many objects can you kollect?

Star Fighter

Asteroids are headed toward Earth... our only hope is one small ship, and one big laser gun!

Key Master

Clues, keys, riddles, and cyphers. Can you outwit the castle and unlock its secrets?

Castle Crush

Do you have what it takes to unite the kingdoms against the looming threat?


How many words can you form in limited time? Join longer words and bonus letters for time extensions.

Falcon Flight

Raise your very own falcon companion. Teach new abilities and share with your friends.

City Builder

Think you can handle being mayor for a day? It might not be as easy as you think!

Rabbit Racing

Every year, the fastest rabbits from all over the world gather to find out who is the fastest!

Triple Play

Bottom of the ninth and bases loaded. Here's the pitch... Watch out for the curveball!