About enAble Games

Our Mission

enAble Games is a game design and platform development company composed of physicians, biomedical engineers, and computer scientists. Founded in 2015 in Philadelphia, PA, its roots are planted in the industry-leading physical therapy, human-computer interface, and game design research conducted at Drexel University, home of one of the top-ranked game design programs in the US.

Our mission at enAble Games is to provide affordable, effective, revolutionary therapy for patients with neuromuscular disabilities, leveraging the latest motion capture technologies and game development tools. By providing patients with challenging and entertaining Active Video Games (AVG), and giving care providers unprecedented insight into patient performance and control over therapeutic goals, we hope to push forward the state of the art in rehabilitation science and physical therapy.

Maggie O'Neil, PhD, PT, MPH
Associate Professor, Dept. of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Sciences, Drexel University

Pediatric health and clinical rehabilitation researcher specializing in physical activity, physical therapy, cerebral palsy, and childhood obesity

Paul Diefenbach, PhD
Associate Professor, Digital Media Program, Drexel University

Co-founder of Drexel's game research laboratory (RePlay Lab) and nationally ranked Top 10 program for game design.

Robert Gray, MBA
Associate Director, Entrepreneurial Game Studio, Drexel University

Game producer and software engineer with expertise in game design, systems architecture, and project management.

Trish Shewokis, PhD
Professor, Nutrition Sciences Department, Drexel University

Movement scientist, biostatistician, research & project analyst with expertise in optical brain imaging.

Hasan Ayaz, PhD
Research Associate Professor, School of Biomedical Engineering, Drexel University

Biomedical engineer and researcher with expertise in optical brain imaging, biomedical signal processing, and human computer interaction.

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