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Welcome to enAble Games

Revolutionary Games

enAble Games is an Active Video Game (AVG) platform that includes a suite of fun and challenging games for players with disabilities. Flexible gaming parameters enable each game to be tweaked and adjusted to best fit the therapy goals of each individual player.

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Connected Care Providers

enAble Games tracks player performance and gives care providers unprecidented insight and access to data resulting from therapy sessions. Care providers can remotely assign a series of games and tweak game parameters on-the-fly to challenge their patients and meet therapeutic goals.

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Proven Results

Therapy sessions that incorporate enAble Games provide therapists with finer granularity of evaluation and treatment. By addressing the barriers to active recreation and exercise, enAble Games have been shown to increase patient adherance and progress against goals.

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enAble Games provides a platform, web portal, and suite of Active Video Games that assist players with disabilities in achieving their therapeutic goals. Here's how enAble Games works:

  1. Care Providers and Patients create their own accounts on the service.
  2. Patients link their accounts with their Care Provider's
  3. Care Providers assign games to their patients and set the parameters for those games
  4. Patients download and play the games
  5. In-depth metrics enable both Patients and Care Providers to monitor progress and set new goals.

enAble Games are played with affordable equipment and are ready to play in either a home or clinic environment.

Here are just a few of the games that we offer. Click to learn more!

If you are interested in learning more about enAble Games, our catalog, or how we might be able to help you or your patients, please contact us for a demo!